Osmo Doublejinx

Aliases: Ozmo, Yobi, Corfon, Zagus, Finthony, Gragli, Zirkle


Osmo has gray hair, glittering black eyes, grayish brown skin.

Osmo has a scar on the back of his left hand, sustained as a child from the bite of a rabid rabbit. To this day, he doesn’t trust rabbits. He thinks they’re too rascally. He tells people the scar was sustained in a knife fight with the master of the gnomish thieves guild in Brastlecrack where he served as a valet.


As is customary in gnome society, Osmo goes by many names: Osmo, Ozmo, Yobi, Corfon, Zagus, Finthony, Gragli, and Zirkle.

Everyone in the Doublejinx family was expected to take up two professions. His father was a miner/lantern-maker, his mother was a miner/seamstress and his brother was a locksmith/miner. Osmo, however, had no interest in taking up more than one profession, for it is his opinion that it is better to be a master of something than an amateur at many thing. For this reason Osmo’s family all but disowned him. His personal honor among his family was saved only by a promise to his father that Osmo would “investigate” a second profession

Osmo’s interest in the thieving arts (his true passion) led him to serve as a “valet” to the guild master of the gnomish thieves guild in Ratigast City (foreign quarter). And Osmo’s promise to his father saw Osmo joining the gnomish illusionist Chantix Baublespinner on his travels, eventually taking Osmo to Nyrond.

Osmo originally hails from a gnomish village named Whistlegray. It rarely appears on maps made by human hands.


Osmo Doublejinx

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