Talion Eriksson

A scarred man with a dark past. His eyes and left hand glow blue when he casts spells after having been exposed to raw magic.


AC: 4, Shieldless: 5. HP: 6. Weapons: Hammer, Sling. STR:16 INT:7 WIS:16 DEX:11 CON:10 CHA:12


(Talion’s design was based off of the main character of a video game.)
This is only a general look to base any future additions (such as scars, better armor, etc.) off of.

Talion was born to a trader and a Druid. He was born in Molvar, but spent most of his early years traveling with his father’s caravan. At the age of 12, a Slave-Lord attacked the caravan, Talion and the other non-combatants were the only survivors. Left to bleed out in a ditch, he took what remained of his mother’s sword and named it Acharn. A year later, he was found by a Dwarven Cleric, named Ochamar, who trained him. At the age of 21, he joined the smiths and became a Cleric of Blerred. Now, many years later, he travels the land, spreading the religion to the best of his abilities. When in towns and cities, he makes a point of upholding the law. Usually. Talion is willing to break the law, but only if absolutely required. Talion hopes to, one day, find his father and avenge his mother, but leaves that to the side and focuses more on the present. Talion carries Acharn as a reminder, mostly. He decided that if he managed to avenge his mother, he would use it as a makeshift headstone (As he doesn’t remember where the caravan was attacked, he doesn’t have his mother’s corpse to bury).

Talion Eriksson

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