Birggswald Vardenson (aka Briggs)



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Backstory: Briggs always won Marksmanship tournies; in his small hometown of Pheasant Wallow, or the county fairs of the surrounding area. He adores his half-sister, Kearnrana (who is half elf). They’ve been inseparable from the very beginning. She may have been older, but he got bigger fast. She is still in her adolescent years, and he is a “man” now. He was apprenticed to a tanner, to try to tame his ego. But he’d escape whenever he could to hunt. He uses a trained falcon to find good prey then he strikes. His sister is horrified at the glee he takes in killing wild beasts and bunnies, but adores him dearly. She practically raised him. Kearnrana is training to be a herbalist. Briggs often collects herbs and plants that she might need.
Enter Jarl. Jarl wants Kearnrana for himself. Jarl incites Briggs to challenge him. The details of the challenge aren’t important. The bottom line, Jarl stacks the deck (or hires a mage to interfere, whatever), and won. No one could prove it, of course.
Outcast from his town, Briggs makes a living tracking, hunting, etc .

Birggswald Vardenson (aka Briggs)

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