Against The Slave Lords

Pre-Adventure post #1 The Winged Hawk!

The Hawk Sets Sail!

Retgar glanced towards the dock and saw, what could only be the man he had been asked to wait for. A human male, leading a nag of some kind. “Someone paid me 2 full days of berthing fees, plus wages for me and my crew, to wait for THAT? You’d a-thought ’e was the king of Urnst for the money he was getting paid to take him to Darkshelf. No matter, a quick side trip and good money no doubt, and then away from these troubled waters to calmer seas!”

Retgar began barking orders at his crew. He barked at most everyone, with the exception of the new hand… “Ingored” was her name, but don’t let the fact she was a female fool you. Never the likes had he seen such a tall, fair woman. Make no mistake she was a strong worker and made quick work of those scurvy pirates 3 weeks ago that had tried to take ’The Hawk as a prize.

“Enough of this lollygagging”he thought to himself "Get on with it ye scurvy dogs! Get that Nag down below and show "His Lordship, Sir FANCY PANTS his berth! We’ve got tide and wind to catch….!


Weehawk Weehawk

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